“Andy’s help and coaching on my resume was second to none. He also reassured me that my process in finding a new position, especially after relocating, was not only the right approach, but suitable for my overall happiness. He treated me as a person and a friend, not just a client. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their career transition.”              B.S., Employment Transition

“When Andy first approached me about his idea to enter the Coaching arena I was confident that he would be successful.  However, if I were to feel comfortable referring anyone to him I felt that I should know more about the process and how Andy would perform within it.  With that in mind, I decided to sign up, so that I could “help him”.   By the second session it was very clear that, through Andy, I was truly helping me.  While I consider myself to be pretty together in my personal and professional life, our conversations brought out areas within me that definitely needed examination.  Andy helped me recognize the various stresses in my life and how to effectively manage the accompanying emotions.  He helped me recognize ways to improve my leadership skills, even when I am away from the team for months at a time.  He helped me with one of the things has bothered me internally for some time, my somewhat frequent inability to appreciate “the moment”.  In short, I was actually the real beneficiary of the favor I thought I was doing for Andy.”                                              T.M., Owner, Healthcare IT Company

“The coaching experience has been extremely beneficial in multiple ways. Andy has been instrumental in helping me approach the next chapter of life after a long working career, as well as raising a family.  With the opportunity to step back and ponder what's next, Andy has helped me think about things in different ways I would not have considered.  Having someone to challenge me, motivate me, and keep me accountable has been invaluable during my transition process.”
P.M., Financial Services Executive

“Andy coached me through a very tough work transition. He was very understanding of the emotional roller coaster I was on and his insight on to how to move forward were life savers for me. He also held me accountable to the things I said I would do which I really appreciated. I transitioned out of a very stressful situation with Andy’s coaching and will be forever grateful for his help.”  
P.C., Retail Industry Executive

“In a time of great personal and professional transition Andy has provided valuable guidance, feedback, and resources to me.  Most valuable of all has been having someone to talk to that has been a good listener throughout the process.”
L.P., Small Business Owner

"I was very pleased to have Andrew as a coach.  Andrew really helped me gain in clarity in my personal hurdles, and professional objectives too. Andrew inspired me with his positive attitude, high level of energy, openness and professional background. He is very supportive and makes the coaching process effective. Through the time spent with him, he allowed me to have a new perspective on things, which helped me create the things I wanted to create in my life."                             S.C., Software Industry, International

“Mr. Deufel, you helped me tremendously with my resume, personal statement for my MBA, as well as providing career coaching. When my resume looked like a cluttered and unorganized mess, you were able to help me organize it to where it looked completely different. With all of the changes that you helped me make, I am now much more confident about handing it to a potential employer or to the Louisville MBA admissions. I also thoroughly enjoyed the TED talk that you shared with me, it changed the way that I look at stress. Instead of looking at it negatively, I now feel that I can look at it as a positive and use that to my advantage. Thank you for teaching me that I need to create resilience in my life and that the relationships that I build are key! I greatly appreciate all of your help.” K.J., College Student