Professionally, I have an extensive background in pharmaceutical sales and marketing where I was part of organizations that were merged, acquired, upsized, downsized, rightsized, and even eliminated altogether.  These same organizations offered excellent training, blended talented, intelligent people, and access to resources that gave me the opportunity to achieve great milestones individually as well as part of larger teams.  I have also witnessed the shock, frustration, dismay and disappointment among individuals and groups of people that often accompanies significant job change or job loss.  These experiences over the past thirty years and the many people I have crossed paths have helped to shape my understanding of and approach to people and business management.  It has also become a key driver in my desire to help people as a professional transition coach.

I am also a brother, husband, father, and grandfather that has embraced life’s adventures.  On foot or on wheels (preferably a bicycle), the mountains, the woods, and any body of water are constantly calling my name. And if there are animals to be observed on the ground or in the air that is bonus to my adventuresome nature.  Most important, I work hard to balance my love of family and friends with my spirit of adventure.  Since I was a kid I have been fascinated with what makes people tick; when and why we are success oriented, or not; when and why we are satisfied with life, or not; why we respond to the events in our lives the way we do and a myriad of other questions.  Fifty plus years later I have come to realize that there are an array of deciding factors that offer each of us the daily opportunity to effectively choose and balance the energy in our lives in order to enjoy the level of life satisfaction we desire.